Time To Narrow The Field

I was surprised to see Governor Scott Walker exit the 2016 Presidential race as quickly as he did. I would have sooner expected Senator Lindsey Graham, George Pataki, Governor Bobby Jindal, or Jim Gilmore to step down first. At least Scott Walker was among the top ten candidates in the last two Republican debates.  I think we are at a point now where we need to winnow a few more. How about Graham, Pataki, Jindal, Gilmore, Paul, and Kasich? As much as I personally like Rick Santorum, he probably needs to bow out as well. Paul and Kasich have stayed in the top ten so far, but I think they are most likely at the bottom of the pack. We need to start weeding out some candidates so we can get a better read on how the remaining are really polling among voters. The debates will be more substantive if we can get a more manageable number, and each candidate will have more air time to make their case.

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