Don’t Rule Out Biden

Biden not running

Well, I have to admit I was surprised to hear Vice President Joe Biden say that he will not be entering the 2016 Presidential race. I was sure he would run. Something about this just does not make sense to me, though.

First, it is no secret that Joe Biden is interested in the Presidency. He has entered two primaries before, though unsuccessfully, and at his age, this is more than likely his last shot. Before his death in May, his son Beau, even encouraged his Father to run for office in 2016. In fact, Biden has cited his grief over his son’s death as the main reason he does not feel up to the challenge of a grueling campaign.

Secondly, I cannot see the DNC taking a chance on having Bernie Sanders as their candidate if Hillary Clinton’s legal issues implode her campaign. Maybe they know something that we don’t. Joe Biden would be a logical choice for the DNC, and he has enjoyed very favorable poll ratings, despite not being an official candidate. He actually fared better against Republican candidates than Hillary did in a recent Quinnipiac University poll.

Finally, Biden certainly has more real political experience than Hillary Clinton does, with his 36 years in the Senate, and two terms as Vice-President. Beyond that, people actually like him. There is a running joke about Biden’s political gaffes and blunders, but I think it is sometimes part of his appeal. He is authentic and genuine, where Hillary is fake and scripted. While I do not agree with his political views, I think he truly believes his and President Obama’s agenda is helping America. I also think he is sincere in his desire to serve his country. Hillary is only interested in serving Hillary.

His announcement today was also interesting in that it came across as more of a campaign speech than an “I am not running for office” speech. In his lengthy dialog, he managed to take a shot at Hillary when he said that “Republicans are not our enemy”. He has made this remark several times now, and it is obviously a reference to a comment Hillary made during the Democratic Debate, when she was asked who she was most proud to have as an enemy.

It may be that Biden will just be waiting in the wings to resurrect the Democrat’s chances should Hillary’s campaign take a plunge. I am just guessing here, but I don’t think that we have seen the last of Joe Biden.

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