America is hitting a new low…

As sick and twisted as it sounds, this was actually the top story on tonight’s The Kelly File, on Fox News. A transgender high-school student in Palatine, IL together with the ACLU (go figure) has filed a complaint against Township High School District 211, for not allowing “her” full access to the girl’s locker room.

In what Megyn Kelly called a national precedent setting case, the Department of Education’s Office for Civil Rights (OCR) said that the district violated Title IX, which prohibits education discrimination on the basis of sex. This student is a male, but “has identified as a female” for years, undergoing hormone therapy and legally changing her name. The school has largely recognized her as a female, allowing her to play on female sports teams, and to use the girls’ restroom.

The issue came when the school would not let her use the girls’ locker room and showers, but requested that she use a separate area. This “crushed” her, and made her feel like the school was not accepting her as a female. This transgender individual still has the anatomy of a male, but feels she has the right to openly undress and shower with girls. After the ruling, the student said, “The Department of Education’s decision makes clear that what my school did was wrong. This decision makes me extremely happy — because of what it means for me, personally, and for countless others. The district’s policy stigmatized me, often making me feel like I was not a ‘normal person.’ I hope no other student, anywhere, is forced to confront this indignity. It is a good day for all students, but especially those who are transgender all across the nation.”

Really? She is being forced to confront indignity? The school is making her feel like she is not a normal person? I think she’s bringing it on herself. I have about decided that either I’m crazy or this country is crazy! When I was in high school, even if someone did want to be of the opposite sex, and I don’t know of any who did, they didn’t say anything, and they certainly didn’t dress the part. I cannot imagine what parents at that time would have said if they had a child who wanted to seek hormone treatment because they felt like they were born in the wrong body. I think most of them probably would have said, “Well, you’ll get over it. Now go finish your homework.” Parents these days humor their kids about everything, and they do it to the detriment of their child and of a just society.

I think that we as a nation are going so far overboard in an effort to accommodate anyone and everyone that we have totally forgotten about the common good. What is in the best interest of the majority of Americans is no longer important. We have to discount what we believe is right in God’s eyes. We have to subjugate morality in favor of inclusivity. Heaven forbid that any of the fringe individuals should feel unwelcome or unfairly treated. It is apparently far more preferable to make the rest of the population pay the price.

I sincerely do not mean to criticize these individuals, just as I do not want to criticize homosexuals. They are still human beings, and I’m sure their situation is a cross. However, at some point, common sense has to enter the equation, and we have to stand up for morality and decency, and protect all of our children. Their well-being should not be secondary to the “feelings” of another student.

If I were a parent in that school, I would be indignant at the thought of my daughter undressing and showering with another student who has the body of a male. I think in this situation, the transgender student needs to consider herself fortunate to be accommodated as well as she is, and deal with the situation until she graduates.

Fortunately, the superintendent of this school is not totally caving, and the district is still working on a resolution. “We do not agree with (the DOE’s) decision and remain strong in our belief that the District’s course of action, including private changing stations in our locker rooms, appropriately serves the dignity and privacy of all students in our educational environment.”

One thought on “America is hitting a new low…

  1. Why do I get told to change my “outdated” beliefs every time somebody is offended by something that is completely accepted by mainstream society? When will it be okay for me to be offended? I am offended that people want to take Christ out of Christmas, but apparently that doesn’t mean that I get to have a Nativity scene on public property. Apparently the only people who are allowed to be offended are the ones whose beliefs run counter to those of the majority.

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