Marco Rubio’s conservative record

A Heapin' Plate of Conservative Politics & Religion

By Tom Quiner

Out of 435 members in Congress, Marco Rubio is the 8th most Conservative.

He is more conservative than conservative Iowa Congressman, Steve King, or the iconic conservative Iowan Senator, Charles Grassley.

According to the Heritage Action scorecard, Mr. Rubio has a 94% conservative voting record.

Compare that to these Iowans in Congress:

√ 77% for Steve King

√ 70% for Rod Blum

√ 65% for David Young

√ 59% for Senator Joni Ernst

√ 59% for Senator Charles Grassley

√ 16% for Dave Loebsack

He is even more conservative than Rand Paul who has a 90% conservative voting record.

The American Conservative Union gives him a lifetime rating of 98 compared to Senator Grassley’s lifetime rating of 83.81.

He has received a perfect rating from the conservative National Rifle Association.

He has received perfect 100 scores from the Family Research Council in three of the past…

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