Vote Rubio Not Trump

Marco Rubio Best Chance Against Hillary Clinton

imagesVE442OWMToday is Super Tuesday, and twelve states are casting their votes for the GOP candidate that they support. Oklahoma is one of these states. Today’s election, in my opinion, is actually more important than the general election we will have on November 6, 2016, for this reason; Oklahoma historically votes Republican. For example, in 2012, President Obama did not win a single county in our state. On Election Day in November, Oklahoma will be Red.

Today is our chance to select the candidate we believe is most likely to defeat the Democratic candidate and win the presidency. If we do not get this election right, we will lose the election in November. Voters have to think ahead to the end game. No matter whom you might personally like, if they cannot win the White House, then this primary is an exercise in futility.

At this point, Donald Trump is the frontrunner for the GOP, and Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz are alternately second and third. Hear this; Donald Trump cannot defeat Hillary Clinton, the de facto Democrat nominee. She will wipe the floor with Trump, and every poll shows that to be correct. She can call him out on his insubstantial knowledge of the issues, his plethora of past business and personal indiscretions, the fact that he supported Democratic candidates, including donating to the questionable Clinton Foundation, and the list goes on. If you do not trust the polls, then trust common sense and political strategy.

First, the Democrats want Trump to win the primary, and that is a telltale sign. If you follow the news, you know this is true. He will be the easiest candidate for them to defeat in November. He has no political experience, no depth as a candidate, and he has a controversial background. When the primary is over, the media will tear him to shreds.

Second, the media wants Trump to win because he drives ratings, and because most of them are liberal and they know he will lose in a general election. They have given him the benefit of more television, newspaper and internet coverage than any other candidate has received. That translates into millions of dollars that would be cost prohibitive for the other candidates. In the televised debates, they have deferred to him on airtime, and given him a pass on tough questions.

A case in point: Anderson Cooper of CNN hosted a Town Hall in South Carolina, with all the Republican Candidates. Jeb Bush was still in the race, so they divided over two nights, three and three. They were on an individual basis, and the candidates answered questions by voters and by Anderson. While the other candidates answered questions on policy, Trump and Anderson discussed what kind of fast food Trump likes, his favorite music, and his tips on parenting.

When Trump refused to participate in a Fox News debate, because he objected to Megyn Kelly as a moderator, (she does not treat him fairly) the media shrugged it off. When he said he could stand on Fifth Avenue in New York City, shoot someone, and still not lose supporters, and when he did not immediately disavow the KKK, the media just quoted him. I can list dozens of cases where the media mitigates Trump’s disrespectful and inappropriate behavior and comments. They would destroy any of the other candidates for acting in a similar manner. The disparity is undeniable. Make no mistake though, if Trump secures the nomination, the kid gloves will come off and the media will obliterate him, and there is ample material for them to do so.

Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio are the other viable options. They are the only two who have a chance to defeat Donald Trump. The polls have consistently shown that Marco Rubio is the ONLY candidate that beats Hillary Clinton in the general election in November, and this is why the Democrats DO NOT want Marco to be the nominee. Joe Trippi, a Democratic consultant, came right out and said that last week on Fox News. In an off-handed comment, he said Democrats would rather run against Trump, or possibly Cruz, but not Rubio. Bill Burton, another Democratic strategist, has echoed that repeatedly ever since the primary season began.

I will take Ted Cruz over Donald Trump every day of the week, but Rubio has a much better chance to win in November, and that is the point of this elective process. Ted Cruz does not have the support of his own party, and Hillary Clinton will capitalize on that fact. He has a reputation in Washington for being difficult to work with and he is more concerned with promoting himself as an “outsider” in the beltway, than he is with working across the aisle to enact legislation. Hillary will depict his as polarizing and extremist. A president must be able to negotiate with both parties, or nothing is accomplished. Ronald Reagan is an excellent example. He knew he would be unable to further his agenda without some support from the Democrats. That’s just the way Washington works.

Marco Rubio has the endorsement of conservative Senators like Tom Coburn, Trey Gowdy and Tim Scott, to name just a few. His list of endorsements is extensive, including Oklahoman David Green, a Christian conservative, and founder of Hobby Lobby. His likeability and reputation for a willingness to work alongside the Democrats is widespread. Despite how the media and other candidates portray him, he has an ACU (American Conservative Union) rating of 98%, and he was the Tea Party favorite when he ran his senatorial campaign in Florida. His personal biography is the American dream, and his own life experiences uniquely qualify him as a contrast to Hillary Clinton. In Glenn Beck’s words, “He will crush Hillary Clinton in a debate. He will make her look like she is a 1000 years old”.

Everyone has to make their own decision about whom they will support in this primary. I have studied the remaining candidates, and I am 100% certain Marco Rubio is the one to beat Hillary Clinton in November. I had the opportunity to see him and hear him speak at two of his rallies here in Oklahoma. I can tell you he has the charisma of a Jack Kennedy and the political savvy and strategy of a Ronald Reagan. I cannot think of a more winning combination.

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