Bill O'Reilly

Bill O’Reilly is losing his objectivity when it comes to Donald Trump. The man famous for his “no-spin zone” was doing plenty of spinning last night on The O’Reilly Factor. In his segment with Dr. Charles Krauthammer, the discussion was Trump’s recent comments about Judge Gonzalo P. Curiel who is presiding over the Trump University lawsuits. Trump publicly condemned the judge saying he was “a hater of Donald Trump” and cited the judge’s ethnicity as an “absolute conflict” to his ability to be impartial in the litigation. Trump insists that Judge Curiel ‘s Mexican heritage puts him at odds with Trump’s tough stance on illegal immigration and declaration to build a wall on our southern border.

O’Reilly, an obvious Trump supporter, claims that Donald Trump is not racist, and that his comments about the judge, while ill-advised, do not reflect negatively on his temperament. Dr. Krauthammer had a different take, and chastised O’Reilly for thinking he can really know Trump’s mind and motivations. Krauthammer sees the racial component of Trump’s argument as indicative of a deeper character flaw. He points out that rather than soften his remarks, Trump continues his tirade. Is this who we want as our presidential candidate?

Anyone who is a regular viewer of The Factor, knows that O’Reilly’s strength is his ability to present the facts to his viewers, regardless of his personal take. He also prides himself on preserving a “no-spin zone”, where he gives straight reporting and remains outside the influence of any particular political party or candidate. He expects his guests to answer questions without “bloviating”, and will call them out if they deviate from his protocol.

During the last few months of the primary season, his allegiance to Donald Trump has become more and more apparent, and he manages to give Trump a pass on strict policy questions and answers. Anyone with even a modicum of intelligence knows that Donald Trump is out of his league when it comes to the political arena and specifically, foreign policy. To pretend otherwise is simply disingenuous. As a regular viewer, I have no doubt that Bill O’Reilly would hold any other candidate’s feet to the fire for the very same statements that he defends Trump over.

Watch it Bill; you’re losing your trademark style. Is Donald Trump really worth it?

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