Founding Fathers Got It Right

God governs in the affairs of menBen Franklin

The following paragraph appears in “Light in the Darkness”, by Father Jonathan Morris. The speaker is Benjamin Franklin, and he is addressing George Washington at the Constitutional Convention in 1787. Apparently, the founding fathers were clear on who was in charge of the process of making America. I think it serves as a great reminder for all of us during this contentious election cycle.

The small progress we have made…is, I think, a melancholy proof of the imperfection of the human understanding…I have lived, Sir, a long time; and the longer I live, the more convincing Constitutional Conventionproofs I see of this truth, that GOD governs in the affairs of men. And if a sparrow cannot fall to the ground without His notice, is it probable that an empire can rise without His aid? We have been assured, Sir, in the Sacred Writings, that “unless the LORD build the house, they labor in vain who build.” I firmly believe this; and I also believe that, without His concurring aid, we shall succeed in this political building no better than the builders of Babel.”

Open Letter to Donald Trump

How You Can “Make America Great Again”Donald Trump

Dear Mr. Trump:

Congratulations on your victory in the GOP primary election. Although I did not vote for you, I commend you for a successful campaign. As the late President Nixon once said, “Politics is not for the fainthearted”, and as a novice, you managed to overtake some serious and highly credible competition.

Despite my lack of support for you personally, I must admit your strategy was impressive. As most winners do, you played to your strengths. Your method of branding was sheer genius. What you lacked in substantive knowledge, you made up for in shrewd marketing.

You recognized what many politicians did not; the degree of anger among American citizens. You sensed their frustration with Washington and the machinations inside the Beltway. You knew they were disgusted with the climate of political correctness that is now pervasive in our society. You are a smart man. You seized the opportunity to be their deliverer.

As a businessman, you know the importance of advertising; of keeping your name and product in front of the consumer. You also know that the success of the media is dependent on ratings, and you used them to your advantage. They did the work for you, for free. All you had to do was be yourself and feed them a steady diet of grandiosity and they provided you with continuous news coverage. It was a really good plan and it worked.

It was soon apparent that the more outrageous your behavior and comments, the more attention you received. You gave the voters exactly what they wanted; the antithesis of the traditional politician, and they ate it up. You gave them a voice, and they gave you their undying support. They didn’t care about your deficits in the inner workings of government, or domestic and foreign policy. They didn’t care whether you could provide insightful answers in debates. They just wanted to be heard and entertained, and you did both very well. You are quite the showman.

You have now completed the first part of your task. You have managed to win the nomination to the highest and most prestigious office in the land, and you have done it without any political experience or qualifications. Again, congratulations.

You are poised now to fulfill your campaign slogan of “Make America Great Again”, but you still have one final battle and it will be the most difficult. You have to defeat Hillary Clinton. Can you do it? Every poll during the primary predicted you would lose in a match-up with Hillary. Your competitor, Senator Marco Rubio, actually had the best poll numbers against Clinton. Glenn Beck, who supported Senator Cruz, even predicted that Marco Rubio would “crush Hillary” and “make her look like she’s a 1000 years old”. Can you do that? The current polls still show you running behind Hillary. Some of the greatest political minds in the GOP are convinced you cannot win. Are you willing to take that chance? Do you want America to take that chance?

You know what a nightmare Hillary Clinton would be for America. It would be like Barack Obama all over again, and perhaps worse. Do you want that for our country? Since you are a successful businessman, you know when to make the deal and when to back off. You know all about good and bad risks. Do you think you’re a good risk? Would you stake your fortune on it? If not, then please don’t stake America’s. We cannot afford to lose this election. Our children and grandchildren need us to fix this country or they may never know the freedom and prosperity that we have enjoyed. The stakes are really high.

You can still be a winner. You can be the real hero of this election. You can go down in history as the man who “made America great”, but it most likely will not be as our President. The odds are against you. Can you pass the mantle of leadership to someone who can defeat Hillary Clinton? When you go to the podium Thursday night to formally accept the nomination, can you sacrifice your ego for the benefit of America and implore the delegates to award their votes to someone who can defeat Hillary Clinton?

Your supporters will follow your lead, no matter what. You have tremendous power right now. Please use it on behalf of America.

The Shaming of the GOP


A tweet this morning by pollster Frank Luntz did not sit well with me. “The GOP must unite before November 8th, or lose until (at least) 2020.”

Of course, Luntz is not the only one calling for unity. Today’s Twitter feed is brimming with demands for voters to rally behind Trump, and for former candidates like Ted Cruz and John Kasich to endorse him. Prominent members of the GOP are noticeably absent from this year’s convention, and the Trump supporters see it as a betrayal to the Party. I am quite certain that if Trump loses to Hillary Clinton in November, the GOP members who did not support his candidacy will be vilified.

My problem with all this is twofold. First, every poll since the beginning of the primary season has shown Trump losing to Hillary Clinton. He is not a strong candidate. If you nominate someone who is unlikely to win, you cannot blame others for the loss. His success in the primary is not the result of his exceptional knowledge of Government and domestic and foreign policy; he is actually seriously deficient in these areas. He won because, as a businessman, he recognizes the importance of “branding” and he did it very well. He gave himself an effective edge over the other candidates by harnessing the anger of the voters and giving them a voice. He played to his strengths; celebrity and grandiosity, and it worked for him. However, his strategic victory does not make him a more credible candidate or any more likely to beat Hillary Clinton. Some voters chose to ignore the polls and vote for him in the primaries, and they may very well pay the price in November.

Second, no one has the right to “shame” anyone into endorsing or voting for a candidate they loathe. As free citizens, we all have a right to our own opinion and our vote is just that, “ours”. Just because we identify with a certain political party doesn’t mean we have to like or support every candidate within the party. Trump’s disapproval rating ranks right up there with Hillary Clinton, and the #NeverTrump movement made it abundantly clear that many in the GOP were aggrieved at his candidacy. If you know there is strong opposition out there, then don’t be surprised by it. We are all called to follow our conscience, and that is ultimately the determining factor in how we choose to mark our ballot.

This primary season started off with seventeen candidates for the nomination. The voters had a plethora of talent to choose from, and in my humble opinion, they chose poorly.



Is All Hope Lost?


Can Trump Be Stopped in Cleveland?RNC

As the Republican National Convention draws closer, those of us not enamored of a Donald Trump candidacy wonder if the window of opportunity is closing to “dump Trump”. Now that Trump has secured the necessary delegate count to clinch the nomination, is there any hope of stopping him?

There is still plenty of noise in the news and on social media about efforts to unbind the delegates. Kendal Unruh, a Colorado delegate, is leading one group, and Steve Lonegan, former state director of the Cruz campaign in New Jersey, is leading another. In order for a motion to unbind delegates to be brought to the floor, a minority report would have to be issued by the RNC Rules Committee.

This committee is composed of 112 members; one man and one woman from every state and territory, including Washington, D. C. They meet together a few days before the official start of the RNC Convention. It takes only 28 votes from the committee to formally issue the report, but this move in itself is predicted to cause chaos among the delegates.New Trump

Polls since the primary season began have consistently shown Trump losing to Hillary Clinton, and the latest polls have her leading with double digits. Roughly one-third of Republican voters say Trump is unqualified for the presidency. Those leading the effort to unbind delegates see disaster ahead for the GOP should Trump be the candidate in November. Trump appears to be his own worst enemy, as he continues to make headlines with racist comments and to conspicuously demonstrate a general lack of knowledge on the inner workings of government and especially, foreign policy.

Party standard-bearer’s like Mitt Romney, George H. W. Bush, George W. Bush and John McCain have all decided to skip this year’s Republican Convention in Cleveland, which does not reflect favorably on Trump, and his so-called status as a unifier.

In what the anti-Trump movement sees as an affirmation of their desire to unbind the delegates, Speaker Paul Ryan voiced his opinion that all delegates should be free to vote their conscience. Curly Haugland of North Dakota, a member of the RNC Standing Rules Committee says the practice of binding delegates did not begin until the 1976 Convention, when pro-Ford delegates passed the rule in an effort to deny the challenger, Ronald Reagan, the nomination. He concludes that the delegates are in fact free to vote their choice even on the first ballot.

Wisconsin Governor, Scott Walker, told the Associated Press, “I think historically, not just this year, delegates are and should be able to vote the way they see fit”. The Weekly Standard reported this week that John McCain agrees saying, “I think it’s up to every delegate to make up their own minds”.

Of course, this exercise is just academic without someone waiting in the wings to assume the mantle for the GOP in November. It will be difficult to stage much of a coup without an alternate candidate. Names like Ted Cruz and John Kasich have been tossed around, and both of the former candidates have declined to endorse Donald Trump. Trump commented in a recent interview with the New York Times that unless an endorsement is forthcoming, neither of them will be invited to speak during the convention. It’s doubtful either of them are unduly upset by Trump’s ultimatum.

And what about Mitt Romney? As the former GOP presidential candidate, he has been very outspoken in his disdain for Trump. His news conference last March, in which he gave a scathing review of candidate Donald Trump, was seen by some as “too little too late”, while others disenchanted with Trump pushed for Mitt to step in and save the Republican Party.

Chances are, this is all just a pipe dream and we will end up with The Donald, but it is something to think about. Of all the possible contenders, Romney would be among the most likely. At 69, it’s doubtful he will seek the nomination again so for all intents and purposes, this would be his last chance. He is already a thoroughly vetted candidate and has excellent name recognition among voters. His 47.2% showing against President Obama’s 51.1% in 2012, proves he can handle the pace of a general election. He could indeed be another “greatest comeback” like Richard Nixon in 1968. In my opinion, he has less to lose by jumping in than someone like Ted Cruz or Marco Rubio, who have a considerable political future ahead of them.

At the very least, garnering votes for a minority report will force a discussion on the binding of delegates that could impact future elections. Also, ending the practice of open primaries in those states that currently conduct them could preclude the GOP from facing another bizarre election cycle like 2016 has proven to be. One thing is for certain, our answers are less than a month away!

The Character of a Leader

Senator Rubio shows strength in crisis…Rubio

In a time of national tragedy, Americans seek comfort in God, in each other, and in the support of our allies. We are reassured by the knowledge that our country has always been on the right side of what is good and decent in this world. We are heartened by the leadership and strength of the man we have chosen to guide our nation and direct our path. Such was the case after the horrific events of September 11, 2001, when President George W. Bush shared in our suffering and encouraged us with words he spoke from the heart, as he stood atop a pile of rubble near ground zero. He issued dire warnings to those who perpetrated the senseless act of violence against us, and to anyone who would threaten the safety and sovereignty of our country. No one doubted his words or his stalwartness.

In the early hours this morning, June 12, another tragic event took place in our country, this time in Orlando, Florida. It was another terror-driven action that took the lives of fifty people and injured as many more. Just as we took solace fifteen years ago from the words of our leader, President Bush, today we took solace from the words of Florida senator, Marco Rubio. Interestingly, it was not the words of our President, Barack Obama, that consoled us today. His words left most of us cold and filled us with even more anger than we already felt. He sought to blame this murderous rampage on those who disagree with the lifestyle choices of the LGBT community. He politicized the suffering of countless individuals in an effort to further his anti-gun war. Once again, he stopped short of condemning Islamic terrorism or even mentioning the term. He did exactly as he has done during every incident of crime and loss that has happened during his eight years in Washington; he took the focus off of the perpetrator and placed it squarely on the shoulders of the average law-abiding American citizen.

It was Senator Rubio who issued the warnings today to Islamic terrorists, and who raised us up as a country by praising the heroic response by the citizens of Orlando. It was Senator Rubio who pointed out that we are ALL Americans, and as such, we share each other’s grief. He was quick to remind us that we are not judged by our individual lifestyle choice, nor should that affect the care and concern that we show our fellow citizens. It should not limit our grief or our outrage over the events that took place today in our country. It should, however, unite us in our efforts to fight these acts of terror, and pledge our support to those in our government and in our military who serve to protect us from further harm.

Today, Americans saw the actions of the man we need as our President. We saw the emotion in his face and we heard the sincerity in his voice. The machinations of a Donald Trump or a Hillary Clinton have no place in Washington. They have no business occupying the highest office in our country. They are not worthy of our trust, our loyalty or our vote.


Bill O'Reilly

Bill O’Reilly is losing his objectivity when it comes to Donald Trump. The man famous for his “no-spin zone” was doing plenty of spinning last night on The O’Reilly Factor. In his segment with Dr. Charles Krauthammer, the discussion was Trump’s recent comments about Judge Gonzalo P. Curiel who is presiding over the Trump University lawsuits. Trump publicly condemned the judge saying he was “a hater of Donald Trump” and cited the judge’s ethnicity as an “absolute conflict” to his ability to be impartial in the litigation. Trump insists that Judge Curiel ‘s Mexican heritage puts him at odds with Trump’s tough stance on illegal immigration and declaration to build a wall on our southern border.

O’Reilly, an obvious Trump supporter, claims that Donald Trump is not racist, and that his comments about the judge, while ill-advised, do not reflect negatively on his temperament. Dr. Krauthammer had a different take, and chastised O’Reilly for thinking he can really know Trump’s mind and motivations. Krauthammer sees the racial component of Trump’s argument as indicative of a deeper character flaw. He points out that rather than soften his remarks, Trump continues his tirade. Is this who we want as our presidential candidate?

Anyone who is a regular viewer of The Factor, knows that O’Reilly’s strength is his ability to present the facts to his viewers, regardless of his personal take. He also prides himself on preserving a “no-spin zone”, where he gives straight reporting and remains outside the influence of any particular political party or candidate. He expects his guests to answer questions without “bloviating”, and will call them out if they deviate from his protocol.

During the last few months of the primary season, his allegiance to Donald Trump has become more and more apparent, and he manages to give Trump a pass on strict policy questions and answers. Anyone with even a modicum of intelligence knows that Donald Trump is out of his league when it comes to the political arena and specifically, foreign policy. To pretend otherwise is simply disingenuous. As a regular viewer, I have no doubt that Bill O’Reilly would hold any other candidate’s feet to the fire for the very same statements that he defends Trump over.

Watch it Bill; you’re losing your trademark style. Is Donald Trump really worth it?

Book Review….

imageJust finished Dana Perino’s book, “And The Good News Is…”, and I highly recommend it. As always, Dana’s optimism is evident throughout the book. She gives a detailed account of her family background, youth, and the career path that led her to the White House with a front-row seat to the George W. Bush presidency.

I especially enjoyed her personal stories about President Bush and the inside look into the character of a remarkable man. Her role as Press Secretary gave her an enviable vantage point into the Bush Administration at a pivotal time in our history.

Throughout the book she shares career advice with her readers and passes along valuable life lessons learned along the way. A great read!

#Never Trump

WeddingThe Bane of the GOP

If you are enthusiastic about the candidacy of Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton, then this article is not for you. If you don’t find either candidate particularly appealing, but have decided to vote for one of them because “you have no choice”, then this article is not for you. If you are a registered Republican and beside yourself at the thought of casting a vote for Donald Trump, then you might want to read this article because misery loves company.
First, you are not alone. Actually, about half of the Republican voters in this country agree with you. Second, don’t give up hope. Even though Donald Trump is our “presumptive nominee”, the convention is still a few weeks away and there is a preponderance of discord within the party.
Some interesting facts:
1. Every poll since the beginning of the primary season has shown Donald Trump losing to Hillary Clinton.

2. Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton have the highest unfavorable ratings of any candidates in the history of polling.

3. Three out of Four women do not support a Trump candidacy. (Incidentally, women vote more often and have more influence over votes than men)

4. Trump has very low support among minority and millennial voters.

5. The GOP field was rich with 17 candidates when the primary season began, and the most inexperienced and vacuous among them is now our nominee.

When Donald Trump announced his candidacy back in June, most of us did not take him seriously. It appeared to be just another opportunity for him to grab the spotlight, but we obviously underestimated him. My favorite analogy of the Trump phenomenon comes from Greg Gutfeld of Fox News (also anti-Trump), “Donald Trump is like the guy in high school who tries out for the lead in the school play to impress a girl, never expecting to get the part.” The problem for many of us is, now that we have him, what can we do about it? The chances for a contested convention are off the table. With Cruz and Kasich out of the race, Trump will likely get the 1237 delegates he needs pre-convention.
The only real chance we have is with a third-party candidate, and historically this has not proven a winning situation. Most recently, in 1992, Ross Perot ran as an Independent and in so doing, managed to hand the election to Bill Clinton over incumbent George H. W. Bush. This is a risky endeavor, but the conservative movement is already at risk with Donald Trump at the helm of the GOP. Don’t kid yourself, he is not a conservative. Not now, not ever. Many Republicans fear that he will set the conservative movement back fifty years, if not destroy it completely. Trump will say what he thinks the conservatives want to hear, but at heart he is more moderate to liberal Democrat.
Remember, Trump contributed financially to the campaigns of Hillary Clinton, Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid, to name just a few. Admittedly, he has also donated to Republicans, but more than half his donations have been to the Democratic Party, of which he was a recent member. Another fun fact, his adult children could not vote for him in this year’s New York primary, as they are still registered Democrats and New York has a closed primary. I think if an Independent could ever win, 2016 would be their best bet.
This idea of a third-party candidate is currently being researched by Bill Kristol, editor of the Weekly Standard and outspoken critic of Trump. A few days ago, he met with Mitt Romney to float the idea and get Romney’s input on the viability of it as an option to Trump. Incidentally, Mitt Romney has said that at this point, he will not vote for either Trump or Clinton. He is not alone, either. Columnist and Fox News contributor, Dr. Charles Krauthammer, said on the O’Reilly Factor this last week that he has no intention of supporting either candidate. These people are highly-respected individuals who take the business of politics very seriously, so this is truly a contentious situation. Speaker of the House, Paul Ryan, publicly stated his aversion to the Trump candidacy, and incurred the wrath of a lot of colleagues within his party.
Several months back, as Trump began to rise in the polls and was believed to be a legitimate contender for the nomination, a Twitter movement known as #Never Trump emerged. If you are not familiar with Twitter, the “hashtag” identifies a certain topic or subject matter to others who follow Twitter. “Never Trump” means exactly that. These people will not ever vote for Trump under any circumstance. The Never Trump movement took off almost immediately. Media pundits and politicos have spoken derisively of those who refer to themselves as “Never Trump”, but it is a force to be reckoned with. After Cruz left the race, and Trump became the de facto nominee, the media largely quelled the movement. They were premature though; Twitter is exploding with Never Trump tweets.
A majority of the population think we can do better than Trump or Clinton. They don’t feel well represented by either candidate, and they want another option. I am part of the #Never Trump movement because I cannot bring myself to vote for a man I consider vulgar, amoral, juvenile, bombastic, insipid, dangerous and totally inept in foreign policy and government. In my opinion, Trump is the antithesis of a commander in chief.
The fact that Hillary Clinton is every bit as distasteful does not make it any more palatable to vote for him. This is not a decision I make lightly. I love my country and I feel incredibly blessed to have the opportunity to vote. I consider it both an honor and a privilege. However, implicit in this honor is following my conscience and making a decision based on my best moral judgment. I cannot do that and simultaneously vote for Donald Trump.
Nebraska Republican Senator, Ben Sasse, also an outspoken Trump critic, talks of drafting “an honest leader” to run as a third party candidate. In a lengthy Facebook post, the Senator outlined his thoughts on the Trump/Clinton candidacies, and invited open discussion among disenfranchised GOP voters for an alternative.
Will it come to fruition? Hard to say. At this point, only one thing in this crazy primary season is perfectly clear: the #Never Trump movement is alive and well.

Hitting A New Low

Governor McCroryMoral Decay In America

After the past weeks’ media furor over what I like to call, “bathroom gate”, it is evident that America has hit a new low. For those who choose not to tune into the national news, North Carolina Governor Pat McCrory made headlines with House Bill 2 (HB2), signed into law in late March, which essentially states that a person may only use the public restroom which corresponds with his or her biological sex. WOW! Crazy stuff! Even crazier: they had to pass a law to state the obvious. Crazier still: People act like this is something new and different.

Haven’t we always had to use the public restroom that corresponded to our biological sex? As long as I can remember, I’ve looked for the door with the figure in a triangle dress. In restaurants, I’ve looked for the sign that says, Male or Female. I’ll admit, some restaurants are tricky. The signs might be in Spanish, French or Italian, so you have to really think before you just open the door. Basically though, it’s a no-brainer.Restroom sign

Apparently, a lot of folks and businesses out there didn’t get the memo. I guess they’ve been unsure all these years about which door is appropriate for them to open. As far as the “LGBT” community and sympathizers are concerned, this is total discrimination. Bruce Springsteen is so distraught over this law that he cancelled his concert in North Carolina. Companies like American Airlines, Bank of America, Google, Marriott, Apple, etc., have written letters expressing their extreme displeasure with Governor McCrory for stating the obvious. PayPal came absolutely unglued, and reversed their plans for an expansion project in North Carolina, which will cost the state 400 jobs.

The Target Corporation; well, they just got even. They came out last week and announced that trans genders can use whatever restroom they “identify” with. It doesn’t matter what kind of plumbing they have. They should feel free to use the restroom or dressing room that suits their inner-self. Really? Why is this an issue? To quote Governor McCrory, “I don’t even know why we’re talking about this.”

As far as I’m concerned, if a woman wants to dress, act and think she’s a man, go for it. If a man wants to dress, act and think he’s a woman, go for it. I don’t care. That is their decision; their business; their right. However, when they begin to think that their rights take precedence over everyone else’s rights, we have a problem. From the beginning of time, it has been male and female, period. The end. For as long as stores or restaurants have had more than one restroom, they have been clearly marked, “male” and “female”, period. The end. This is not a new concept, folks.

What this is though, is another example of the Liberal Left trying to shove their twisted views down the throats of the Conservative Right. They are taking something that has never been an issue or a concern, and spinning it into their go-to word, “discrimination”. However, like Newton’s Third Law of Motion, (for every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction) every time the Left screams “discrimination”, the Right can scream, “reverse discrimination”. That is exactly what’s going on here. Those of us who accept ourselves as God made us, far outnumber those who do not. Their needs do not trump ours. (No pun intended)

The bigger issue here is protecting everyone’s right to privacy. The biggest issue is protecting our children’s safety. Parents have the right to take or send their son/daughter into a public restroom or dressing room without worrying they will be traumatized by seeing a half-clothed member of the opposite sex. In Governor McCrory’s words, “It’s the basic expectation of privacy that I hear from Moms and Dads, that when their daughter or son goes into a facility, they expect people of that gender to be the only other ones in there”.

Having this policy in public venues is an open invitation to sex offenders. They can walk into a restroom, a dressing room or a locker room, presumably in keeping with their transgender identity, and perpetrate heinous acts against children and even adults for that matter. This is just a risk that is not worth taking.

The critics say there have been no documented cases of abuse, but they are mistaken. To name just a few, in February, The Daily Wire, reported that a Seattle man cited the new law and entered a women’s locker room when young girls were changing into their swimsuits for swim practice. A Toronto man, claiming to be transgender, sexually assaulted several women in a women’s shelter.

Appearing on The Kelly File Thursday night, Governor McCrory found himself in a debate with host Megyn Kelly, as she argued that there is a “misconception that transgender people are more likely to molest”. That may be true, but the concern is not focused strictly on the transgender. This is about anyone who would take advantage of a situation that gives them easy access to the opposite sex in a private setting.

There are some things that are better left unchanged, and this is one of them. I applaud Governor McCrory for having the courage to stand up for what is right, regardless of the fallout. He has a spine, a conscience and a mind of his own, and those are rare these days. The outrage that this issue is causing is another reminder to all of us how fundamentally our country has changed over the last eight years. Think about it. Were we discussing these kinds of things when President George W. Bush was in office? Or his Father? Or President Reagan? I don’t think so. Whether or not we realize it, our president has a lot to do with setting the moral tone for the country. We may not like or approve of him, but he still holds the ultimate leadership position in America, and his power and influence extend far beyond the beltway.

A president who has liberal social views is more likely to encourage changes in this area, or at the very least, not discourage them. Under Barack Obama’s watch, we now have legalized gay marriage. He is complicit in attempting to redefine traditional marriage, something that has been understood and accepted since the beginning of time. He has pushed the LGBT agenda by forcing school districts to allow boys who identify as girls to have full access to girl’s locker rooms. Sound familiar? He has condemned counseling for those students who struggle with same-sex attraction.

Shortly after taking office, Obama repealed “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell”, and called for an open gay policy in our military. We now have states with legalized recreational marijuana use. We are releasing convicted drug offenders early, because President Obama thinks their prison sentences are inordinately long. We are struggling for our religious freedom due to the birth control and abortion policies of Obamacare, and the list goes on. Little by little, Obama has worked to undermine traditional values in America and set us on a path of moral decay.Emperor's New Clothes

We now have a pervasive “Emperor’s New Clothes” syndrome in this country. Remember that story? Swindlers convince a vain, clothes conscious Emperor to let them weave a fine garment for him from special cloth only visible to the highly intelligent and those well-suited to their rank. Since no one, including the Emperor, wants to appear stupid or unfit for their position, the townspeople pretend he is clothed in splendid attire. Of course, the whole time he is walking around naked. Finally, a little child has the courage to point and say, “he hasn’t got any clothes on”.

That is how so many Americans are reacting to what is happening in our country. No one wants to be singled out for being a “bigot” or “anti-inclusivity”, so we just go along to get along. We pretend the outrageous is now acceptable. The problem with this attitude is that sooner or later, you find yourself in a society you no longer recognize; a society where anything goes, and where there is no standard of decency. As my very wise Mother has frequently said, “The more you are exposed to immorality, the more you become inured to it, and things begin to lose their shock value”. I think we are coming dangerously close to that point.