Book Review: “Killing the Rising Sun”

killing-the-rising-sunBill O’Reilly and Martin Dugard have another successful addition to the “Killing” series. I have read all six of the books in this series, and it is difficult to select a favorite. Written in a way that gives the reader a birds eye view of the unfolding story, their style of writing is pure genius. “Killing the Rising Sun” transports the reader to one of the most pivotal periods in world history and to the second deadliest war for Americans. The detailed description of the torment and torture that our patriots suffered at the hands of the Japanese is almost beyond comprehension.

Every American should know the supreme sacrifice these brave men made on our behalf. Many of them were still teenagers when they were sent thousands of miles from their home and family to fight a brutal enemy. They earned the distinction of the “greatest generation” because they had no sense of entitlement. They were honored to serve their country and to fight for something they believed was larger than their own life.

High Schools throughout the United States should make this book required reading. Then, perhaps, we might see an end to the current trend where the self-centered denigrate the memory of our fine men and women in uniform every time they burn a flag or take a knee during our national anthem.

Anyone with an interest in history or in World War II will enjoy the book’s unique insight into the minds and character of world leaders as well as lesser known individuals who had influential roles in the war and its outcome. Sincere thanks to Mr. O’Reilly and Mr. Dugard for their time and effort in bringing this historical period back to life for current and future generations.