The Character of a Leader

Senator Rubio shows strength in crisis…Rubio

In a time of national tragedy, Americans seek comfort in God, in each other, and in the support of our allies. We are reassured by the knowledge that our country has always been on the right side of what is good and decent in this world. We are heartened by the leadership and strength of the man we have chosen to guide our nation and direct our path. Such was the case after the horrific events of September 11, 2001, when President George W. Bush shared in our suffering and encouraged us with words he spoke from the heart, as he stood atop a pile of rubble near ground zero. He issued dire warnings to those who perpetrated the senseless act of violence against us, and to anyone who would threaten the safety and sovereignty of our country. No one doubted his words or his stalwartness.

In the early hours this morning, June 12, another tragic event took place in our country, this time in Orlando, Florida. It was another terror-driven action that took the lives of fifty people and injured as many more. Just as we took solace fifteen years ago from the words of our leader, President Bush, today we took solace from the words of Florida senator, Marco Rubio. Interestingly, it was not the words of our President, Barack Obama, that consoled us today. His words left most of us cold and filled us with even more anger than we already felt. He sought to blame this murderous rampage on those who disagree with the lifestyle choices of the LGBT community. He politicized the suffering of countless individuals in an effort to further his anti-gun war. Once again, he stopped short of condemning Islamic terrorism or even mentioning the term. He did exactly as he has done during every incident of crime and loss that has happened during his eight years in Washington; he took the focus off of the perpetrator and placed it squarely on the shoulders of the average law-abiding American citizen.

It was Senator Rubio who issued the warnings today to Islamic terrorists, and who raised us up as a country by praising the heroic response by the citizens of Orlando. It was Senator Rubio who pointed out that we are ALL Americans, and as such, we share each other’s grief. He was quick to remind us that we are not judged by our individual lifestyle choice, nor should that affect the care and concern that we show our fellow citizens. It should not limit our grief or our outrage over the events that took place today in our country. It should, however, unite us in our efforts to fight these acts of terror, and pledge our support to those in our government and in our military who serve to protect us from further harm.

Today, Americans saw the actions of the man we need as our President. We saw the emotion in his face and we heard the sincerity in his voice. The machinations of a Donald Trump or a Hillary Clinton have no place in Washington. They have no business occupying the highest office in our country. They are not worthy of our trust, our loyalty or our vote.

Taken From Inside

 Los Angeles

Once again, they have us on defense. The number one tool of terrorists is to incite fear, and that is what appears to be happening right now in Los Angeles. The second largest school district in the United States, with over 655,000 students, is closing all schools today after a school board member received an “electronic threat” in the early hours of the morning. The threat was not to just one or two schools, but to “many schools” according to the Superintendent, Ramon Cortines. He said the message mentioned “backpacks and other packages”, and the email the district sent out to parents referred to it as a bomb threat.

Obviously, this is paralyzing the city, and affecting hundreds of thousands of students, parents, and school and law enforcement officials. The Superintendent went on to say they often receive threats, but none of this magnitude. He cited recent events in San Bernardino, and the national and international climate as deciding factors in determining his course of action. He is not taking any chances with the welfare of the students. There is no definitive word on where the email originated, but a law enforcement official said it appeared to come from “overseas”.

There is not enough information yet to call this a “terrorist threat”, but it would not surprise me. The easiest way to take over a country is from the inside, and what better way to start than by shutting down major cities. Terrorists do not need a military presence to defeat us; they can do that by impeding our ability to function.

What will happen if they select Washington D.C. as their next target? As American’s, we better take a stand against the ineffectiveness of our so-called leader, and demand that he or someone with backbone put this country on offense where we belong.